淘宝ant portable(安徒生童话)

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1. in turn


英文释义:in proper order or sequence


Green roofs help absorb some of that rain which would stop the runoff, which in turn helps the water quality.


And this would make the clouds whiter, which in turn would increase their reflectivity.

2. and


英文释义:then; following this 然后;接着


You’ll need to go to the printing station and you’ll see a list of all documents that people have sent to the printer. Find your document on the list, click on it, and it’ll print.

3. allow


英文释义:to make sth possible 使可能


Now silicone is a material that allowed us to create ever faster and smaller microchips which transformed computers from huge machines to small portable devices.

4. responsible


英文释义:~ (for sth) being the cause of sth 作为原因;成为起因


And even today, for the most part, when parents and teachers choose literature for children isn’t that mainly what they’re looking for?Well, from your reading, who is mostly responsible for this notion of Children’s literature?Paul?

5. account for


英文释义:PHRASAL VERB If something accounts for a particular fact or situation, it causes or explains it 导致; 解释


So since there’s nothing get into the pool, how do we account for this? Well apparently bacteria recycle. You see in addition to having high levels of sulfate, the water in the pool is also rich in iron. Here’s what happens. The bacteria convert the sulfate to sulfite, then the sulfide reacts with iron to produce sulfate.

6. suggest


英文释义:~ sth (to sb) to put an idea into sb’s mind; to make sb think that sth is true 使想到;使认为;表明


Well, one theory suggests that polar bears may have been able to find a few remote cold icy places, such as, well, this Svalbard islands to live on until the climate eventually cooled again. Controversially, because the last warming period was actually warmer than the one now, the one more presently experiencing.

7. precipitation


英文释义:[ U ] ( technical 术语 ) rain, snow, etc. that falls; the amount of this that falls 降水,降水量(包括雨、雪、冰等)


Ordinary meteoric water is water that has soaked into the ground from the surface. from precipitation (rain and snow )and from lakes and streams

8. game


英文释义:[ U ] wild animals or birds that people hunt for sport or food 猎物;野禽;野味

——see also big game , fair game


They had experienced great difficulty finding game west of the Rockies and not until the second of December did they kill their first elk.

9. mine


英文释义:a deep hole or holes under the ground where minerals such as coal, gold, etc. are dug 矿井;矿


This scenario begins with the planting of hyperaccumulating species in the target area, such as an abandoned mine or an irrigation pond contaminated by runoff.

10. chemical


英文释义:a substance obtained by or used in a chemical process 化学制品;化学品


Take food for example. When an ant finds food it takes that food back to the nest and on its way back, it secretes a chemical, which leaves a trail that can be detected by other ants.

11. tension


英文释义:[ U ] the state of being stretched tight; the extent to which sth is stretched tight 拉伸;张力;拉紧状态;绷紧程度


But a dynamic tension between the two also continues. And this tension, this struggle between the opposing views is actually very useful. Because it prevents either the national government or state government from gaining in too much power.

12. grain


英文释义:[ C ] a small hard piece of particular substances 颗粒;细粒


The earliest record’s from 500 million years ago, show that sediment in the river deposits was largely composed of coarse grains of sand, and gravel, and that tells us the rivers weren’t defined, they were very shallow and wide, almost like floods, but around the time of the rise of plant life the content of those sediment layers began to change, the coarse grains became much finer, and we see evidence of mud.

13. impact


英文释义: (on/upon/with) sth ( formal ) to hit sth with great force 冲击;撞击


I mean, we’re all familiar with how impact events can affect life on earth, like it’s now generally agreed that a meteor triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs. Of course, since that theory’s been widely accepted it’s tempting to look to space to explain all extinction events.

14. setting


英文释义:a set of surroundings; the place at which sth happens 环境;背景


And you know, when we’re considering a residential or an urban setting let’s face it, space is usually at a premium. It’s a valuable, limited commodity. Unfortunately though, when you have a group of propeller turbines at a wind farm, they undergo a decrease in power output the closer they’re placed together.

15. complex


英文释义:a group of buildings of a similar type together in one place (类型相似的)建筑群


He built a large complex that included baths and bath buildings, libraries, sculpture gardens, theatres and temples in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman styles.

16. population


英文释义:a particular group of people or animals living in a particular area (统称)某领域的生物;族群;人口


Professor: It seems so, in the late 1990s with populations of two butterfly species in England. Climate data had shown that the butterflies’ habitat was experiencing warmer temperatures which was directly affecting their ability to reproduce.

17. perspective


英文释义:[ C ] ~ (on sth) a particular attitude towards sth; a way of thinking about sth 态度;观点;思考方法


And we didn’t even know about these until aerial photographs revealed markings that weren’t evident from the ground. And this is just one example of how a new perspective, in this case made possible through aerial photography, helped us realize that evidence, or the lack of it, could lead to false conclusions.

18. episode


英文释义:an event, a situation, or a period of time in sb’s life, a novel, etc. that is important or interesting in some way (人生的)一段经历;(小说的)片段,插曲


The K-T extinction 65 million years ago is the best known of the five major extinction

episodes since the Cambrian period

19. readily


英文释义:quickly and without difficulty 快捷地;轻而易举地;便利地


The release of heat energy is retarded by the tall vertical city walls that do not allow infrared radiation to escape as readily as does the relatively level surface of the surrounding countryside.

20. edge


英文释义:[ sing. ] ~ (on/over sb/sth) a slight advantage over sb/sth (微弱的)优势


It seems likely that Teotihuacan’ s natural resources, along with the city elite’ s ability to recognize their potential, gave the city a competitive edge over its neighbors. The valley, like many other places in Mexican and Guatemalan highlands, was rich in obsidian.

21. principal


英文释义:[ only before noun ] most important; main 最重要的;主要的


The principal insect enemies of the North American morning glory feed mainly on its flowers or fruits rather than its leaves

22. largely


英文释义:to a great extent; mostly or mainly 在很大程度上;多半;主要地


Other oxide in regolith include aluminum oxide, aluminum is largely responsible for the moon’s color even though it comprises only 6% of regolith; there is also iron oxide and a few others.

23. critical


英文释义:extremely important because a future situation will be affected by it 极重要的;关键的;至关紧要的


Now when the last class ended, we were talking about how we evaluate other people, how we look at other people and determine which people are likely to be helpful to us and which people are likely to hinder us as we go through life and we noted that the ability to distinguish between these two kinds of people, to perform what we call social evaluations, is critical to our survival. Yes, Karen?