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「顺时而生」春分了 Spring Equinox



Spring Equinox, Chunfen(春分) in Chinese, is the 4th solar term and signals the equal length of the day and night time. This year, it starts on March 20th and ends on April 5th. On the day of Spring Equinox, the sun will be directly above the equator. After the equinox, the sun moves northwards, resulting in longer daytime in the Northern Hemisphere and longer night in the Southern Hemisphere gradually.

★春分三候 Three phenomena of Spring Equinox


The Spring Equinox is divided into three pentads with three phenomena to observe.


The first pentad, black bird flies back to the north.(一候玄鸟至)The black bird is the swallow, which belongs to the seasonal migratory birds. The weather in the north gets warmer during the Spring Equinox, and the swallow that overwintered in the south flies back to the north, makes a nest with mud in the grass to live, and begins a New Year’s life.


The second pentad, spring thunder cracks the sky.(二候雷乃发声)Five days after the thunder, lightning was seen. Although there is thunder during the awakening of Insects, the really rainy season is during the Spring Equinox, when the weather gets warmer, the rain increases and the air is humid.


The third pentad, lightning occurs frequently.(三候始电)As rain is increased, thunder and lightning accompanied. Lightning can often be seen from the clouds.

★饮食养生 What to eat

春分时,本着天人相应的原则,最好选择细香葱、菠菜、芫荽、豆芽、韭菜、樱桃和枣子等时令食物,以增强体内的阳气。此外,时令果蔬富含维生素 c 和矿物质,亦可以加快身体的新陈代谢。

During the Spring Equinox, it is better to choose seasonal food, such as chives, spinach, coriander, sprout, leek, cherry and jujubes. These foods can help boost Yang Qi in body, which is complied with what happened in nature. What’s more, seasonal fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and minerals, which can accelerate the metabolism of our body.


In terms of Chinese herbal medicine, herbs like Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, raw Dihuang, Chuanxiong, Taizishen, Astragalus are recommended in this solar term, to help balance Yin and Yang of Liver and Lung.


Take wolfberry as an example, this red fruit can clear liver heat, and brighten eyes. Cooking wolfberry with rice can relieve blurred vision, boiling wolfberry with chrysanthemum can relax and brighten eyes.

1.樱桃 Cherry


Cherry is known as the first branch of spring fruit(春果第一枝), fresh, juicy, nutritious, sweet with slight sour. Cherry can nourish both Yin and Yang, invigorate spleen and appetize stomach. Eating cherry in the Spring Equinox can effectively relieve spring fever symptoms and refresh mind.

2.韭菜生姜牛奶 Leek ginger milk



promoting the circulation of Spleen-Yang Nourishing the Stomach-Yin.

韭菜Leek 250g

生姜 Ginger 25g

牛奶 Milk 250g



Wash the leeks and ginger and cut them up. Use the juicer to produce leeks and ginger juice. If there is no juicer, clean gauze can be used to wring juice.


chives ginger juice into the pot, and then add milk, heat and boil, eat hot.

3.菠菜山药猪肝粥 Spinach yam and pork liver porridge



Nourishing Liver-Yin and promoting spleen-Qi

菠菜Spinach 500g

山药半根 Yam half root

猪肝Pork liver 30g

香米适量 Rice in moderation

盐适量 Salt in moderation

★ 健体养生What to do

健身舒心防春困 PreventSpring sleepy by exercise and peaceful mind


As the saying goes, “humans always feel sleepy in spring, lacking strength in autumn, and snoring in summer.”



The sleepy feeling in spring (also be known as Spring fever), is thought to be a reaction to warmer weather and can be explained as an adapting mechanism to temperature changes. Such a condition can be experienced either as a sudden and significant increase in vitality and energy accompanied by a feeling of restlessness, or as unexplained fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, even bad mood. Most people have such symptoms in early spring and these symptoms always last 2-3 weeks.


Doing outdoor activities can help stimulate appetite, boost energy, improve mood and relieve the spring sleepy symptoms.

1.适当运动 Exercises moderately


Traditional exercises, such as Baduanjin, Taijiquan, are good for most people, since these exercises can promote Yang. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging and brisk walking are also good choices, for those people who are under good physical condition and always exercise regularly.


Since cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident occurs frequently during winter and spring, people who suffered from related diseases are suggested to take exercise moderately, in case of too much pressure on the heart.

2. 保持心平气和 Keep the mind in peace


As the old saying, “Sad in Spring and grieve in Autumn”(伤春悲秋), some people might feel depression, especially in spring, so special attention should be paid to emotional regulation. Keep mind in peace, no over sad nor joy, to avoid blood pressure elevating, menstrual disorders, haemorrhoids and hypersensitivity diseases which are happened frequently at this time.

3.自我按摩 self-acupressure


Spring Equinox is a special date that day and night are split equally in 24 hours, which means Yin and Yang are perfectly balanced. To be complied with what happened in nature, people should both “supplying” and “releasing” to keep the body in Yin and Yang balance.

除了上面推荐的食物和草药,穴位按摩也有助于保持健康。推荐穴位及按压方法: 每天沿胆经用手指按风池(GB20)、肩井(GB21),按3-5分钟,再按太冲(LR3)、太溪(KI3)3~5分钟。

Besides the food and herbs recommended above, acupressure is also good to keep healthy. The way to press acupoints is as below: take 3-5 minutes every day, using fingers press Fengchi(GB20)and Jianjing(GB21)along gallbladder meridian, take another 3-5 minutes press Taichong(LR3), Yuyao and Taixi(KI3).


Moreover, knocking the lateral thigh in moderate force from forth to back, will help circulate blood and relax muscles.


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